Wrinkles on the Mirror Face are the first indication that the skin is entering the ageing cycle. The advancement of the cosmetology business has consistently generated efficient ways of wrinkle removal, with high-tech wrinkle removal being regarded the optimum therapy for long-term, rapid results.

Anti Wrinkles RF Microneedling By Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic
Anti Wrinkles RF Microneedling By Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic

Wrinkle Removal Technologies That Are Effective, Painless, and Non-Surgical

A reliable and effective technique to substantially eliminate and soften existing forehead lines, smile lines, crow’s feet, and various other creases – as well as to prevent future wrinkles from emerging – at a reasonable price.

How does it work?
Dermal stamping and radiofrequency are combined in fractional RF (Max RF). Dermal stamping is an all-natural method of regenerating collagen and elastin. Radiofrequency induces a heat response within the dermis by using low-level radio waves. This heat metabolises damaged cells and fibres, stimulating the formation of healthy new cells. As a consequence, your skin will have more structure, smaller pores, less acne scars, and overall rejuvenation.
After the therapy, you may have a bit of redness and bruising, similar to a sunburn, which should subside in a day or two. Most people can get back to their daily activities soon after the procedure. Nevertheless, it is vital that you follow the after treatment instructions provided by your healthcare professional.
Customers who visit Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic will receive:
– Free skin checkup with a qualified dermatologist.
– Experience a cutting-edge, high-quality medical setting.
– Services that are varied to accommodate a range of consumer demands.
– Advanced medical technologies, exclusively imported gear.
– Best trained professionals with a high level of qualification.
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RF TreatmentPrice List
RF (Front Neck)$220
RF (Full Face)$290
RF (Decolletage)$280
RF (Hands)$250
RF (Full Back)$440
RF (Stomach)$440
Scars < 5cm$70
Scars < 10cm$140
Scars < 15cm$220
Scars < 20cm$300