Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic located in Yagoona.

Our team has received training to precisely examine and identify the issues with your skin and treat them using a variety of the most cutting-edge laser & beauty equipment. We have over 10 years of expertise treating different skin types, including White, Asian, and Black skin.

Our goal is to help you feel more confident in your own skin and to enhance the health of your skin! At whatever age, we will help you make the greatest use of your skin.

Eyelash Extensions

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Cosmetic Tattoo

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Laser Hair Removal

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Tattoo Removal

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Co2 Fractional Laser

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Body And Face Contouring

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No matter your age, we will provide the greatest results for your skin.

We provide a variety of treatments at our beauty salon to make sure we can take care of your skin. Regardless of the colour, age, or type of your skin and face. We are aware that every person’s type is different and that there is no “one size fits all” product or treatment strategy. We are certain that we have the technology to meet your demands, whether you’re looking for Eyelash Extensions, Laser Hair Removal, Pigmentation Removal, Tattoo Removal, Cosmetic Tatttoo, Acne, or a LED Light Therapy… ect.

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Read the hype about us from our loved clients who have shared their experience at our Sydney skin clinic.

This place really great for eyelash extensions and eyelashes supplies. All their products wow so great high quality and i will come back get more supplies from them. They are so helpful always recommend the best way for i can run my lash business and give me some advice for supplies save my money and make my customers happy with their product. Thank you guys i will coming back your shop!💓💓💓💓

Anh Tuan Phan / Google Maps

Amazing service, she made me feel very comfortable and cozy. She perfectly did everything i wanted, such a smooth hand she has.

Thank you so much Minh!❤
I definitely reccomend her for eyelashes and i will be coming back here again for sure.❤❤

Pallavi Pandey / Google Maps

Just got this goodie bundle and I’m so excited Service was wonderful very nice and helpful everything is sorted greatly not hard to find what I wanted at all The colour selection was awesome im new to the eyelash industry and I’ve never seen ombré extensions I was so happy 😃 Very affordable and overall a great experience definitely going back !!

Kathleen Ellis / Google Maps

I always had my lashes done in this place because the lashes stayed on for a long time and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing eyelash extensions. They also have the best service and friendly staffs. Overall would recommend! 😊 Kind, welcoming, friendly ladies! It was my first time trying eyelash extensions and everything was clearly explained to me, and the procedure was very gentle. Thank you for the great experience 🙂

Amber Lil / Google Maps

I never liked getting my lashes done because I would lie there for 2-3 hours and it took up too much of my day. What’s great about Minh is that she pre-makes her fans so a full set will only take up to 1 hour. She is very professional, gentle and will give you great advice on which set to get according to your needs. Her prices are fair for the quality and workmanship she puts into them. She is my go to lash lady now!

Cassandra N / Google Maps

Excellent service! Minh was very professional from the beginning, she communicated very promptly and answered all my queries. Her eyelash extension service was very good, I didn’t feel any pain at all and the result was beautiful eyelashes, just to my liking. Definitely going back to her again for infills! Thank you so much!

Ayvan A / Google Maps

Had a lovely experience with Minh. It was my first time having my eyelashes done and I can definitely say that the bar has been set very high! The care she took to make my eyelashes look natural and amazing is phenomenal. It was such a calming experience that I could have well fallen asleep. Highly recommend!

Krystal Luu / Google Maps

I ordered lash supplies from Minh Lashes and the service I received was extremely professional and efficient. They were super friendly, fair pricing and delivered everything I needed on the same day. WOW 🤩 most definitely my current favourite lash supply business …

Jessica Huynh / Google Maps