Since the past, cosmetic tattoos have advanced significantly. Nowadays, the procedure uses a variety of treatments to produce cosmetic tattoos that are considerably more realistic and natural-looking, as well as newly created, much softer colours. Frequently, it is impossible to even detect that someone has had a tattoo or microblade without doing an extremely thorough analysis. At Minh Lashes Clinic ultimate objective is to have our customers seem to the majority of people to be naturally beautiful and fantastic-looking!

Our custom treatments at Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic are created to meet the specific requirements and preferences of each customer. specialising in cutting-edge cosmetic tattooing procedures such lip and eyeliner tattooing, feather touch, combination, and ombre brows.
You may be certain that you are in the greatest hands thanks to their abundance of experience and sincere love for their work!
The cosmetic tattooing procedures used by Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic are artistically beautiful. We are aware that every face is different, and the key to our success is customising each treatment to the specific characteristics and results that each customer wants. We make sure that our therapies make use of the most recent tools and methods. Our experts are the best in the business and take great delight in achieving ultimate perfection.
I take time with each client during a FREE consultation to make sure I fully grasp the outcomes they are seeking.
I have a reputation for paying close attention to detail and doing follow-up to make sure you are completely satisfied with your care!
I have a lot of satisfied customers and am Sydney’s top-rated cosmetic tattoo artist.
Who Can Benefit From Cosmetic Tattooing?
Cosmetic tattooing is a well-known procedure that is particularly useful for those who want:
To restore eyebrows and lash lines after hair loss.
An alternative to conventional cosmetics.
To put an end to the battle of uneven lip and eyeliner lines.
A method for achieving a delicate, understated makeup look while on the move to save time in your hectic schedule.


Micro-pigmentation and microblading are two specialist methods used in permanent cosmetic tattoos. All of these cutting-edge and modern methods give you a natural makeup appearance while helping to define and accentuate your features. In order to provide our clients with the finest possible service, our cosmetic tattoo artist employs industry-leading equipment and technology.

Minh Lashes only use clean procedures. The pigments we use for cosmetic tattooing are of the highest quality and are made entirely of natural plant materials.
Each piece of equipment is disposable and sterile, and it is NEVER used again.
For cosmetic tattoo operations, topical anaesthetics have been created. To ensure that you have the most pleasant experience possible, these creams are administered to the target region both before and during the treatment.
The sensation is sometimes described as tingling. However, the majority of individuals continue to feel some pain, particularly when getting their lips coloured.
You won’t need to leave work or take time off to recuperate since it is uncommon to need anything more than a Tylenol for the pain.
A cosmetic tattoo will typically take two to three hours. Minh will “design and draw” the desired outcome and administer anaesthetic prior to the therapy.
The initial treatment typically takes two hours, followed by two to three treatments lasting an hour each.

Simply said, for a few days, your eyebrows will seem darker. Your eyeliner could seem wet from crying. The lips will seem incredibly bright and plump.

Long-lasting but not permanent is a cosmetic tattoo. It’s normal to crave more as you become used to your new permanent makeup.
Every few of years, you should update your new makeup. The longer a colour stays unaltered in your skin, the darker it must be.
Natural, delicate hues are often more susceptible to the impacts of the sun, swimming, and physiological reaction.
You may anticipate 3-5 years of amazing, easy to maintain looks, but the length of time your cosmetic tattoo lasts will depend on your body’s metabolism and how much sun damage your skin already has. After that, a touch-up appointment is necessary to restore the cosmetic tattoo’s full benefits.