Customized Brow Shape: At Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic, our skilled technicians will work with you to create a customized brow shape that enhances your natural features and complements your facial structure. Whether you prefer a defined arch, a soft curve, or a straighter shape, we’ll tailor the tattoo to suit your preferences.
Natural-looking Results: Our technicians specialize in creating natural-looking eyebrows that mimic the appearance of real hair. 
Long-lasting Color: With our advanced tattooing methods and premium pigments, your tattooed brows will maintain their color and shape for an extended period. You can enjoy beautifully groomed eyebrows that last for months or even years with minimal maintenance.
Convenience: Say goodbye to daily brow grooming and makeup touch-ups! With eyebrow tattooing at Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic, you can wake up every morning with perfectly shaped and defined brows. It’s a convenient solution for busy individuals who want to streamline their beauty routine without sacrificing their desired look.
Expert Care: Our team at Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic consists of highly trained and experienced technicians who prioritize client satisfaction and safety. 
By choosing eyebrow tattooing at Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic, you can achieve beautifully groomed brows that enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. Our personalized approach and commitment to excellence make us the premier destination for cosmetic tattooing services.
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Minh Lashes – Eyebrow Tattoo

Semi-permanent tattooing is now the best option for eyebrows. The most advanced brow tattooing techniques, including the well-liked Feather Touch and Ombre cosmetic artistry. You may be certain that the individual taking care of your brows has a wealth of experience! We tailor your new brows to match your own facial features and skin tone since no one size fits all. Results of the quick procedure are immediately apparent and might last for up to two years.


  1. Customized Brow Design:Our skilled technicians tailor brow designs to your features, preferences, and style, ensuring a perfect fit.
  2. Long-lasting Results: Brow tattoos offer semi-permanent results that can last for up to two years or more with proper care. You can enjoy beautifully shaped and defined brows without the need for daily makeup application.
  3. Time-saving: With brow tattooing, you can save time on your daily beauty routine. No more makeup for perfect brows daily.
  4. Waterproof and Smudge-proof: Unlike traditional brow makeup, which can smudge or fade throughout the day, brow tattoos are waterproof and smudge-proof. You can swim, exercise, and sweat without worrying about your brows rubbing off.
  5. Enhanced Confidence: Well-defined brows frame the face and can enhance your overall appearance. By achieving the perfect brow shape and color through tattooing, you can boost your confidence and feel more put-together every day.
  6. Natural-looking Results: Our technicians use advanced tattooing techniques and high-quality pigments to create natural-looking hair strokes that mimic the appearance of real eyebrows. You can achieve a subtle and realistic look that enhances your natural beauty.
  7. Minimal Discomfort: Our technicians prioritize client comfort during the tattooing process. We use numbing creams and techniques to minimize discomfort and ensure a pleasant experience for every client.

Overall, getting a brow tattoo at Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic offers numerous advantages, including customized design, long-lasting results, time-saving benefits, waterproof and smudge-proof wear, enhanced confidence, natural-looking results, and minimal discomfort. It’s a convenient and effective way to achieve beautifully shaped and defined brows that enhance your natural beauty.


At Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic, our brow tattoo service, also known as microblading or eyebrow embroidery, is designed to enhance your eyebrows with natural-looking hair strokes, shape, and definition.

During your appointment, our skilled technicians work closely with you to customize the design to complement your facial features, preferences, and desired style. Using a specialized hand-held tool with ultra-fine needles, we meticulously create tiny, hair-like strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs, ensuring precise control over the shape, thickness, and density of your brows.


At Minh Lashes Beauty Clinic, we employ cutting-edge technology such as micro-pigmentation and microblading to enhance and redefine facial features with precision and subtlety. Our commitment to utilizing market-leading tools ensures that our guests receive the highest quality service and natural-looking results.

Customers who visit Minh Lashes Spa Clinic will receive:
– Free skin checkup with a qualified dermatologist.
– Experience a cutting-edge, high-quality medical setting.
– Services that are varied to accommodate a range of consumer demands.
– Advanced medical technologies, exclusively imported gear.
– Best trained professionals with a high level of qualification.
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Brows Wax / Shape$15
Brows Tint + Shape$28
Brows Lamination (120mins)$85
Powder Eyebrows Cosmetic (120mins) 

This is a cosmetic semi permanent makeup technique designed to create eyebrows with soft powder effect, very similar to eyeshadow. Powder effect is done with a shading technique using a permanent makeup device, which is similar to a tattoo gun. Free 1 refill after 4 weeks.

Eyebrows Touch-Up From $300